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Healing Stones

You may wonder...

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Is this a weight loss program?

I love this question! No, this is not a weight loss program. You can benefit from participating even if you are trying to lose weight. But the purpose of Big Wisdom is totally different than to lose weight.

What is the purpose then?

The Big Wisdom Program seeks to shift the notion that being big in body is bad or wrong. I hold the idea that every person on this planet holds some wisdom from Source. I hope to help women find, step into and walk in that wisdom for the betterment of the planet and themselves.

It sounds kind of Spiritual. Do I have to be of a specific religion or Spirituality to benefit?

Absolutely not! This work is geared toward anyone with a curious mind and an openness to the imagination, the mind, the unconscious, or unseen g
uidance. You can call it God, the Universe, the imagination, or the mind or anything else you'd like. I've worked with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Agnostics, and Atheists alike.

"Ancient wisdom"? "Journeying"? "Shamanism"?

Shamanism has been practiced all over the world for over 50,000 years. It merely means walking between the tangible world and the Spiritual world. Many think of this as similar to prayer or meditation. Others think of it as venturing into the mind and the imagination. I have found that it doesn't matter what you believe. Working with these ancient practices brings insights and shifts in how one feels for people of all different backgrounds and belief systems.

We will do very simple practices like closing our eyes and listening to the drum and imagining that we can go to other parts of the mind or other realms to meet guides. These guides are part of the one Source so you could say they work for God or that they are just part of our imaginations.

We will spend time in nature but no physical ability is necessary. Being in nature may just mean sitting right outside the front door and listening to the birds and the wind.

We will paint, write, and for who can, dance, even if it just means shaking a finger or toe.

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