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About Kathryn

I have been walking as a woman with big body weight, big heart, and big creativity for several decades. While I have sometimes been slender, I have always been very curvy and I most always fall outside that zone that society says is "normal". I have had all kinds of words and labels assigned to me. I used to believe them and take them in.

Then I stepped into knowing within myself steeped in shamanic traditions and a different way of thinking. I did a journey with a drum and learned from that that us bigger women carry important teachings and reflections of Source, the Divine, God, the Universe, or the mind...whatever you choose to call it.

I started attending Agape Bay Area after years of studying new thought and different aspects of metaphysics. I incorporate many ideas from those traditions and also honor science and my fantastic atheist and agnostic beloveds.

I am a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California and a Certified Advanced Shamanic Practitioner from The Centre for Shamanic Studies in Ireland.

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