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You are welcome here! I see you and I already know some truth about who you are even if you have yet to discover it. Welcome.

At any size, a woman may struggle with the idea that she is carrying wisdom and perfection in her body. Women of all sizes are welcome here. The work is geared toward women who are deeply impacted by stories that "fat" is "bad". We want to stand in a different story - that there is a unique wisdom held by women who's bodies are full. Many thin women struggle with these same stories and are terrified of gaining weight. 

If you are a woman, and by the way YOU get to define your gender, and you feel deeply impacted by these societal stories about weight, you are welcome.

You may be on a weight loss path, you may not. 

You may define yourself as a  Spiritual woman, a Christian, a Jewish woman, a Muslim woman, a Pagan woman, a shamanic woman, an atheist, or a member of any number of traditions or scientific communities. The processes we engage in are meant for anyone. You can call it intellectual play, journeying, prayer. As long as you are open to letting the drum take you where it will, you are welcome here. And if you prefer not to work with drumming, we can just talk one to one, heart to heart.

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