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About the Big Wisdom Approach

Big Wisdom Work blends ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and new thought to learn the wisdom of carrying big body weight and change stories that no longer serve anyone, particularly large women. The intention is to move toward new words, images, and ideas that benefit everyone whether they are on a weight loss journey or not. I don't use the words "healing" or "treatment" because the idea is that we are all manifesting aspects of the Divine exactly as we are. So we are perfect and beautiful even if we are working on changing our bodies and health.

A big part of the approach is changing the negative language so prevalent in our society around women with big body weight. Phrases like "weight loss groups" will be just "groups for women who want to love their body image" and much more.

Big Wisdom work includes shamanic journeying with drums and rattles and without any plant based medicines. We also will paint, use clay, creative writing, and meditation to learn, step into, and then walk in the wisdom and beauty of who we are.

No specific Spiritual beliefs or artistic abilities or physical abilities are necessary!

About the Approach: About
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